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What is a Vehicle Service?

At K C Jones Motor Repairs, we hold regular servicing in high regard. Think of a vehicle service as a much more in-depth MOT test. An MOT test is a fairly surface-level inspection of your vehicle from a legal standpoint. However, servicing is centralised around prolonging the life of your vehicle, saving you money down the road.

What gets changed depends on the level of service you have chosen. Your vehicle can have all of its filters changed (oil, fuel, air, pollen) and can also have its engine oil replaced. Along with keeping your engine in tip-top condition, your vehicle is lifted into the air, and its wheels are removed to check the condition of your brakes, suspension, and the structural integrity of the body.

Why have your Vehicle Serviced?

A vehicle service is primarily designed to keep your car running as economically as possible. It can also help to reduce the risk of nasty breakdowns. This is because regular inspections of your vehicle can help determine any items that are likely to fail—allowing us to replace them before they do.

Having a good, strong service history can also increase the value of your vehicle when you come to sell it, something else to bear in mind.


Servicing at K C Jones Motor Repairs

At K C Jones Motor Repairs, we like to provide an honest, trustworthy service when carrying out our vehicle inspections. If any item is recommended for changing, then we’re happy to show you the fault we have found as the customer. So, you don’t feel like you’re being sold unnecessary work. 

We’ll also never carry out any work until we’ve provided you with a quote and you give us approval to go ahead.


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